AN UPDATE: Benjamin and Michael, International Ltd., HK Special Working Arrangement

Dear B & M Valued Client, 

A bit of good news! We have initiated a skeletal team both working at the office and from home as we continue to adhere to the updated guidelines the government has put in place. All these takes effect this week. 

We look forward to hearing from you better yet, we will get in touch with you shortly. Online access of some of the providers may still be arranged for. 

Any concerns and/or general claims relating to your benefit(s) covering COVID-19, you may reply to this email as well and we will make sure that your inquiries will be handled on a timely manner with social distancing in mind and wearing a mask at all times. 

We will email you again if there are any other further developments. 

Stay home and stay healthy. 

Faithfully yours,
B & M Client Servicing Team


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