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Who We Are

We bridge the gap between our valued clients and the products and services of our affiliates.


We form long term partnerships with established companies who provide exceptional choices beneficial for our clients.


We nurture friendships with our clients and create bespoke products and services with their families and stakeholders in mind.


We empower the team behind the company and value their individual participation and effort in bonding the relationship between the company and its clientele.






Who We Are

We are the oldest family owned boutique life insurance broker in Hong Kong with a clientele that is virtually the ‘Who’s Who’ of high net worth Asians and expatriates in the region.


We act with competence in the performance of our duties. We endeavour to keep abreast with new lessons and technologies that can improve our skills at work.


We have set high standards of quality in the delivery of work. We act with due skill, care, and diligence in the execution of duties and responsibilities. We constantly strive for excellence.


We comply with all regulatory requirements in the conduct of our business activities so as to promote the best interests of our Clients.

What We Offer

Business Continuity Strategy

Unexpected incidents or crisis may disrupt the normal operation of a business. Many do not realize the risks and threats it can do to a stable and sound company. Identifying and planning the course of action may eliminate or reduce the impact, assuring the continuity of the business operation.

Life Assurance

What will happen to the loved ones who will be left behind on an individual’s untimely passing?

Together with our distinguished insurers, we commit our presence with the families and loved ones, ensuring them of protection in case of financial loss.

Income Protection

Connecting you with the finest financial institutions to invest with and professional fund managers who will look after your fund’s performance.

Keyman Insurance

How do you protect a company or a business in the event of the death of its key executive or a direct associate?

The loss to the firm is recovered through the insured sum claimed by its company through a life insurance. Our partnership with global life insurance companies will accept arrangements as specific as this for they themselves know the importance of keeping and maintaining the existence of a sound company.

Savings and Investments

Set aside a portion of your excess funds in an account (or several accounts) and have it participate in different markets worldwide without worrying about monitoring it hourly, daily, weekly or monthly in big stock markets.

We can refer you to professionals who can provide you with a unique platform with funds distribution that can manage extensive and massive assets under our care. Let us assist you in achieving your financial goals.

Estate Planning

Have you faced the task of preparing how your assets will be apportioned to your heirs and how they will settle estate taxes? 

Lawyers on estate planning will be there to map out and identify your instructions. We can refer you to professionals who can provide you with options that would answer the monetary side of the equation. Setting aside the financial obligations for your estate planning will bear an easier way for your family and loved ones, when transferring the assets to those who deserve so. 


Trust Account/Fund

How would you have control over your assets beyond your lifetime?

Setting a personal or family Trust Account would determine how exactly you would want your wealth to be allocated and enjoyed by the people who deserve to do so. Our affiliation with several Trust companies will help you achieve your wishes. 

Audit & Assurance

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Bonds & Commodities

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Turnaround Consulting

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Why Choose Us

We heed to the essentials of your commitment, obligations and duties to those you care for and have responsibility over. We engage ourselves to what is befitting for you.


We connect you with companies who are well-established and acknowledged globally. These are entities closely regulated by their jurisdictions and have their credentials to speak of.

We entrust our presence of more than three decades and affirm our commitment in continuously bettering our team for you and to those of your concern. 

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